Time To Get Inspired!

Now the site theme is all finished (yay!

Now the site theme is all finished (yay!), I can concentrate on writing again.

The Army Ice Maidens have broken a world record for crossing the Antartica coast to coast in a 6 all Lady group using muscle power to pull sledges along with all their supplies in it. This has made news in our Country UK. I have written a poem called Army Ice Maidens, which can be found under tributes section.

I like to don my togs and go to the beach to write with my flask of brew, but we even had snow this week and it is a bit too cold for the beach. So I have been having some
ideas and inspirations at last. It was all about the site theme.

So without further ado I will get the poems written down shortly. I'm just rewinding down after the site build. More poetry on the way! Poetry Volume 2 is coming along nicely. I'm getting the poetry together for this book. Poetry Volume 1 is currently out in Amazon at the moment, so take a look! smile