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Welcome to the site
we hope that you might
find the time to browse
and find a poem to delight

We hope that you will find
one in a million or one of a kind
a favourite poem just for you
one that you will like and will do

We hope that you spend some time
looking at the poetic verse here
because there is nothing quite
like a good verse to cheer

So welcome to my Vision!
we hope you like what you see
come again and you will find
plenty more revisions!

sincerely yours,
Katy Durnford

Poetry Tasters

As we see it
by Kate Durnford 2017

Within your eyes you see the world
With all the wrapping unfurled
You light up the path in your life
You don't give in to strife

You gather the moment
You see within
You see through the silence
It's not a sin

Time to see the way
Through each and every day
Come together as one
The journey has not gone

Sit in your haven with open eyes
The journey will be your surprise
Lift up your esteem
Nothing is what it seems

Inspirational Poems

Vampires' Lust
written by Katy Durnford 04/02/2018

with fangs they bite in the dark
and wear capes not for a lark
the vampire is a creature of the dark
and comes in through your window

they suck your blood from the neck
every single little drop
to get the powers contained within
for they know no right wrong or sin

driven by a desire of blood
the vampire will try to scare you
they are not human by nature
and will try to outsmart you too

the vampire awakes at night
to give you a scary fright
so lock the windows late keep garlic and a stake in your sight
dont look them in the eyes

they can be killed by the sun
or by a stake in the heart
the myth and legend lives in books
only to give you heart a start

the vampire looks to feast upon you
they are not your friend
so beware when you go out a night
for they will fright and attend

Dark Poems

She Got It Good! Fiction By Katy Durnford