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About The Site

Adrift In Dreams is a website that is for hosting poetry by Katy Durnford.

The site was founded in 2016 but has been in development and undergone many theme changes since.

The site is run on php and MySQL. The software is called eFiction and it is totally free. It is used for running automated story archives for fanfiction, or original stories. We have used it here for poetry archives. The site was built from scratch by Katharine Eleanor Durnford, aka Katy Durnford on this website, who is also the admin of the site. The site is the sole venture of Katy and is registered in Katy's name in the domain name registrars. The software was written by Tammy Keefer of www.efiction. org. Kate as admin learnt how to install php and html, is now intermediate in html and a beginner in php.

The poetry is channelled from Spirit, to help with the healing process and to inspire you and for enjoyment. There are Christian and Angel poems in the archives and a few different Genres of Poetry. The poetry is for all tastes, rated U, suitable for children, and should be read with an open mind.

The site is set up so that it does not accept user registrations. Users can review and rate the poetry without making an account. Click rate and reviews in the menu on the left of the page. We do not collect personal information. Your email remains hidden from the public. The site advertises Katy and her books on poetry, which can be found at Amazon, search Poetry Visions by Katy Durnford. All the poetry within this site is in the books, so you can view it first glance on the site for free.

For information on Katy, read the profile. Click Profile link, that can be found in the menu on the left of the page.