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The Fall
written by Katy Durnford 13/01/2017

leaves that once were green
wait till October then fall
lining the earch in all colours
of golden browns, reds and orange

the fall with its brisk wind
changes the leaves
they are ready to fall
and leave their mark

the trees are alive
and shed their leaves
bare in the winter
through the snow and ice

the fall is beautiful
it warms the heart and brings joy
playing in the leaves
hearing the sound of crunching

the fall is a golden time
a reminder to shed unwanted feelings
a time to let go
and to let your seeds sow

the fall is here
the golden colours are like the rainbow
of different shades of brown and reds
yellows and rustic hues

so let us play in the leaves
hear the crunch under foot
it is so beautiful
let us just enjoy the fall
"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford