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Who Do You Trust?
written by Kate Durnford 11/06/2017

in turmoil of their folly
we grow to prosper
it is insane I heard it now
remove the thought with a bow

they sign the ballots and count the votes
the leader sings with cheer
but underneath all the glamour
is an amounting fear

with people leaving the leader to it
amongst a crisis to the party
leaves a lot to be desired here
rely on me and steer clear

jumping to conclusions on every fact
making mistakes to widen the gap
to be reunited and a pact
cease the opportunity and react

who do you trust now with the country?
are you sure you got the right one?
because in the end it isnt the money
who will do it when they are gone?

making up for the loss of votes
the people in support dote
those with unforgiving hearts
watch whilst the leader departs

give me a seat on the green bench
a matter of the civil rights
disparaging chats on the economy and matters
they seem to have lost their sights

when it comes to the nitty gritty
they act with a firm hand
but in fact it is a thoughtless act
and ends up being all bitty

come to the station and cast your vote
for the one that you dote
it is a game of power you see
who do I want to run me?

it's not to late to vote
and cast the future for all
nothing lasts for ever
they think it is a ball

winding down the facts to be in harmony
sign away your life to one you trust
without their preaching ways
and be with it and just
"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford