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The Woods (Golitha Falls, Cornwall)
written by Katy Durnford 24/07/2017

Burgers by the van, an outdoor takeaway cafe
tables and chairs under open air huts
in the carpark we all sit
whilst the dogs chew the scraps to bits

we cross the roads to the falls
the ancient trees all tall
the stumps stick out of the ground
look what we have found!

the river swirls on past
as we walk the path along
insects buzz through the day
as we hear the bird song

we come to a seat made of wood
from old tree looking out over the river
when the wind blows
it don't half make you shiver

wellington boots squelch in mud and water
up and down the hills
through the woods we go
it winds on through and fills

climb the slope of mangled trees
up we go on uneven ground
the boulders stick out on the path
listening to the waters sound

so we trudge along the winding paths
up and down the slopes
calling for our dog to come and heel
it's been a walk we feel

time to go home we head on back
along the path we been
a long day walking has just past
many people we have seen

the boots are covered in mud
the burger was nice to have
at least it wastn't raining
during the walk we had in the woods
"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford