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Let The Light Shine On You
written by Katy Durnford 05/08/2017

smile on the yesterdays that was once here
when you where there for me
for the time has come again for us to see
the light on mind

when all is said and done
it is never good bye you have won
for the light is over you
shining on into the dark

let it wash over you
bask in its light
let it sink in
way through the night

on seeing you know
on hearing you see
so let the light shine on
let it shine on me

for the light it never leaves
it stays for all the days
so when you are feeling down
call on the light and pray

smile on the yesterdays
for tomorrow will be one too
smile for the light on you
that is what the Lord says

shine on the light it will be with you
through your darkest hour
when you then come through
it will be a light shower
"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford