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Lure Of The Dark
written by Katy Durnford 28/01/2018

it reaches the pinnacle of desire
it embraces the dark with glee
so come into the nighmare
and see what you shall see

on the eve the moon shines bright
and hails on into the night
with magical events that you can see
let it begin! I jest with thee!

as they come to meet
the graves shadows dance in the moon
the whirlwind of leaves die down
and the foxes croon

so we tell this tale of dark forces
don't let it get you
in the dark see many faces
it will get you too

the vampire watches its prey
with cunning and with grace
they attack at night when you sleep
and will never let you weep

and wherewolves line the graves
each one on tender feet
being watched by the nightman
they will never meet

so if you are out late at night
you will get a fright
in the graves the moon beams down
so keep the torch in sight

be on the nerves it is dark out there
for the news you shall bare
keep you eyes peeled in the night
keep your guard so you dont get a fright

in the shadows they creep on past
watching your every move
if you are afraid
they will sniff you out you won't last!

tread carefully outside late at night
the creatures of the dark are out!
don't let it disway you though
it will keep you on your toes!

"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford