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No One Wants Suicide
written by Katy Durnford 28/01/2018

no one wants suicide
it causes hurt and pain
try to see on the good
but all we get is rain

reach into the good of you
before you injure yourself
for you are loved
and being thought of too

in dispare, you struggle on
in vain nothing seems right
but help is around
and then the pain will be gone

in a rut with no way out
I hear you scream and shout
no one wants suicide
you decide

keep calm and do your best
no one is going to put you down
so one split decision on your life
can mean life or death

please do not be in dispare
for life can be worth living
no one wants suicide
when your heart is grieving

helping one another through
is a tool one needs
helping you to succeed to live
when nothing else will give

no one wants suicide
when you are on the brink
all you need is calm
and a place to think

no one wants suicide
they want to help you out
they want you to be happy
not to scream and shout

be all the smiles now you got a chance
freedom is on its way
be the person you always was
loving and here to stay

"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford