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Written by Katy Durnford 10th July 2015

I like the early morning
full of breeze before the sun is up
when it is dawned, it lightens up the sky
in a full breeze swaying in the wind
singing in the trees is a bird, like a lullaby

on a hilltop far away, sitting in a tree
a bird watches a humming bee
in a field beneath, the sheep lay on the grass
in the churches people are attending mass

in the early morning when the dawn comes in
hearing the birds singing in the trees
seeing the sheep all sat in their families
enjoying the summer breeze

the bird then flies to me all chirping away
tapping on the window as if wanting to stay
in the trees singing its contentedness is the bird
the sound of the sheep and the breeze is heard

in the early morning watching the birds sing
I like it in the early morning dawn
hearing the bird song
wont be long now
till I be in the breeze with the birds
the voices of the singing birds will be heard

singing on the wind is the bird
in the early morning breeze
in its nest in the tree
enjoying the morning with me
"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford