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My name is Katy Durnford. I am a genuine psychic and medium channelling from spirit, poetry inspirations and fiction. I can be reached via this site and for readings at www.psychicchatforum.com, nickname kated now R-Bride. I read on the site as and when someone asks for a reading, or when I connect to Spirit.

Katy comes from an upper class family from Great Durnford, Wiltshire, UK. The family are known for their roles in military and airforce alike. Most notable are the Zulu Wars in which made Hollywood. The family have many famous members and a long line of soldiers who served in The Royal Engineers.

For further reading visit www.durnfordfamily.com.

The name Durnford derives from the Anglo-Saxon word "dierne ford" for "hidden ford" possibly due to the concealed crossing place over the nearby river Avon (Avon is Celtic for "river"). Early documents usually spelled the name Derneford. Other variants were Darnford, Dornford, Durnsford, and Dunford.

The villages of Great Durnford and Little Durnford lie on the river Avon, where it meanders between tree-lined banks in Wiltshire, England. Apparently there is a way to ford the river at Great Durnford. They are also the closest villages to historic Stonehenge. The main road to the north (the A303) is one of the seven great highways that survived into the middle ages from Roman times.

The Surnames of the United Kingdom; a Concise Etymological Dictionary (Henry Harrison, Eaton Press) lists the Durnford surname as (English) Dweller at the Secret or Private Ford [Old English dierne + ford].

Katy Durnford was born in Paddington, London on July 30th 1966 one of a twin to Stephen Durnford and Zuzana Durnford. The eldest of four children. Katy is 5ft 3 petite. Katy has brown to hazel eyes and dark hair with red highlights. The eldest of four children to Zuzanna Durnford and Stephen Durnford, was brought up in Crosby, Liverpool. At the age of 14, the family moved to a house called Bridge End, in Dobwalls, Cornwall. At the age of 18, Katy moved to London to start work as a Junior learning the trade of Sales Ledger Accounts.

Katy was married at the age of 22 to Barry Charles Pain of Brentford, Middlesex. The marriage lasted for 5 years and they had no children between them. Katy now resides in Looe, Cornwall, UK, a divorcee. Katy has a son called Guy, who has grown up to be a very good and kind young man, with a job and a girlfriend who he lives with in Cornwall.

Katy now writes Poetry and Fiction, has dabbled in Amateur Dramatics and sung in a choir at school, attending concerts and competitions with the school.

Some of the poetry is based in Looe and Cornwall and surrounding areas.

katy is in her 50's now and enjoy writing poetry still, fiction and music.

All my poems are channelled from the Spirit, to help aid the healing process and to inspire you.

I have been in many online communities with my poetry, inspiring others to write poetry, as it is liked by many.

Katy has written a book called Poetry Visions Volume 1, which can be purchased in amazon.com and in Lulu.com bookstore, online and it is $25.00 dollars. There is also an eBook version for $8.00/£8.00. Out now.

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"Walk with the Angels, for they are amongst us. Believe and you will see!"
~Katy Durnford